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10 Babysitters Share Their Horror Stories

Nannies and babysitters are the lifeline of many parents, especially at moments when things come up out of the blue and parents literally need someone to watch the kids. Most parents screen their babysitters very carefully before they entrust them with the well being of their kids. Parents try to make sure that their babysitters are the right match. The same is not true the other way around. Babysitters are usually people in need of income who value the flexibility of a non-traditional work schedule or young adults desperately in need of extra cash.

When they work through an agency, most babysitters or nannies don’t choose the families that they are assigned. Independently, sitters find jobs on forums, listservs or through the recommendation of other parents. It is not exactly a thorough screening process that protects the babysitter from calamities.

This lack of scrutiny can often put nannies and babysitters in delicate situations. That said, here are some of the diciest babysitting horror stories on the internet.

1) On finding a babysitter that makes the cut

“A 4-year-old cut my ponytail off because I was too busy soothing a crying baby to watch him play with a pile of boxes. That was enough for me.”

2) The scariest babysitting story ever told…

“A random kid came over the house at 10 p.m. because the children’s parents supposedly invited him over to play a board game. Once they finished playing the kids told me that I had to walk the boy to his house. I freaked out because I didn’t know anything about him, let alone where he lived. He said he was going to make me take him back, and when I tried calling the parents, it didn’t go through. I made him stay the night and every five minutes or so, he walked downstairs to where I was watching TV with a plastic knife and just stared at me.

When the parents came home at about 2 a.m., they said that they had no idea who the kid was. We went upstairs to check on him and he was gone. I basically survived a horror movie.”

3) No, wait. This is the scariest story ever told…

Not scary in a horror movie type way, but nearly gave me a heart attack. As a young teen I didn’t realize “that some babies sleep with their eyes open. Go in to check on the baby after an hour or so and I had a heart stopping few seconds when I thought he was dead.

4) Never babysit for a family with a pet raccoon

“This one family I used to babysit for had a pet raccoon that they kept inside the house.

The little girl let the raccoon out of its cage. It ran up my body and perched on my shoulder. I couldn’t get the raccoon to detach its claws from my shirt. “

5) Beware of blenders

“One day I was making smoothies with the two kids. After we were done, I unplugged the blender and stuck the washable parts in the sink. I turned my back, and all of a sudden I heard it come back on.

The little boy stuck his hand in the blender and there was blood spewing everywhere.

I rushed him to the ER because his hand was torn to shreds. It luckily ended up healing nicely, but it was still traumatizing.”

6) When the kids find the dildo

“I was the seeker in a friendly game of hide-and-seek with the two younger boys. When I tried to find them, I heard a buzzing noise coming from their parents’ bedroom.

I walked in and the older of the two boys came out of the closet holding a huge blue vibrating dildo. He was freaking out because he had no idea what it was, and it wouldn’t turn off.

Thankfully we turned it off, put it back in the closet, and I never told their parents what the boys found. I still laugh every time I think about it.”

7) Just Ewww…

“My neighbors always used to call me to babysit their 8-year-old son. One time,

he touched my feet and proceeded to tell me that they made his penis stick up.

I ignored all of their phone calls after that.”

8) That’s one way to parent

“I took on the difficult task of babysitting overnight for three days in a row. As I was playing with the 5-year-old girl, her two older brothers were supposed to be playing upstairs. I went to check on them, and they were gone.

I searched the entire house and eventually found them in their dad’s office watching porn, cheering it on like a football game.

I waited until the parents got home to tell them. I didn’t know what to expect for a reaction. The dad started smiling and said he was relieved they were watching girl-on-girl porn. I walked out because I couldn’t handle it.”

9) Deliver us from the kids

“My friend had to babysit his Mom’s friend’s two kids, a boy about 10 and a girl about 8, and he was able to have me hang out as well. The boy was allowed to play outside as long as he stayed near the house, but the girl had to stay inside.The first thing that was weird was the girl never said a word. She sat on the couch and just sat staring at us with huge eyes. Just…staring. We tried talking to her, but nothing.

We went outside to check on the boy, and caught him nailing a live snake to a board. We just backed away, went inside, and watched TV until we could go.

10) World’s worst parents

“The children were two 5-year-olds within a few months age of each other. One was adopted. The parents told me that their biological son was allowed to play Grand Theft Auto in his bedroom for as long as he wanted (well into the night) and that they had a stash of candy for just him and there were no restrictions. Yes, he was a brat.

But then the parents told me about the other 5-year-old, who they adopted a few months prior. They actually told me, ‘He’s not allowed to leave the living room, because he’s adopted.’ And that was their only reasoning.”

Got some babysitting horror stories? Share them with us. Also, since there are two sides to every story, parents, we want to hear about your worst experiences with babysitters, too!

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