Exercise / September 19, 2019

10 Essential Yoga Poses For Beginners

Attending your first yoga class can be a little intimidating. It can feel like you’re in a class with limber, incredibly flexible superhumans who know exactly how to recreate every pose, while you’re just trying to figure out whether everyone is twisting to their left or right.

Feeling inadequate during yoga can take you out of your zen but we are here to remind you to go at your own pace and focus on exactly what your body needs to feel steady, strong and stretched.

That said, here are a few basic and essential yoga poses to help you get started. Namaste.

  1. Downward Dog

2. Warrior II

3. Child’s Pose

4. Mountain Pose

5. Plank Pose

6. Upward Facing Dog

7. Tree Pose

8. Low Plank

9. Triangle Pose

10. Savasana

Samiat Salami

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