All About You, Career / November 12, 2019

10 Songs To Get You Hyped For Your Next Presentation

Got a big presentation coming up at work? Feeling a bit nervous? We all feel presentation jitters sometimes, especially when you have to make the case for a new breakthrough at work.

Not to worry, we have just the right playlist to give you the confidence of a rapper and the ego of a BOSS like Rick Ross. Now go into your meeting heads high and crush it!

Please note, the playlist has side effects that include spontaneous head bopping on the train. Some have reported full-on dance sessions.

  1. Because you started from the bottom, now you’re here

2) Getting that promotion was all a dream but now it’s close. Really close

3) You run this mother*beep*

4) Get your coin

5)  Every day you’re making these presentations, responding to these long email chains. Every day you’re hustling. 

6) If you’re shining, everybody’s gonna shine. You got this.

7) You have a DREAM.

8) Because you are going to walk into that room and lay down the scenario. 

9) You are going to crush this and you’re dressed so fresh and so clean, clean.

10) The world is yours


Linnea Moran

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