Life / September 24, 2019

16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Criticizes World Leaders

Parents often worry about the future generations. They worry about whether they are motivated,  self-reliant and able to stand with conviction in the face of adversity.

If Gen Z’s vocal criticism of lawmakers concerning the climate change is any indication, then we should know by now that while the kids are alright, the climate of their future may not be.

Last week, 18-year-old Emma Lim launched her #NoFutureNoChildren campaign and this week, 16-year-old Swede, Greta Thunberg gave a profound and powerful speech about climate change and shamed world leaders for banally chasing economic growth, rather than creating policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Fresh off her zero-emissions boat, Greta spoke to Trevor Noah on the Daily Show about what we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint and why it’s not too late to reduce the global temperature rise.

Samiat Salami

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