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1980s Mom Vs. 2019 Mom

I remember being home alone all summer as a kid. My brothers and I watched reruns of MTV’s Spring Break Challenge and ran around the house hiding from imaginary kidnappers. We ate Eggos, Cheez-its and the occasional plate full of grapes between backyard trampolining and basketball until our parents came home for dinner.

I don’t know any kids who really had babysitters. We all met up and just did whatever we wanted. That’s what summers were for, right?

These days however, the world is a dangerous place. Parents are no longer afraid of kidnappers. Instead, the internet, sun damage and obesity top the list of reasons not to leave your children unsupervised. That’s Inappropriate compares the 1980’s chill mom to overbearing moms of today. Which mom are you?

Linnea Moran

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