For Dads, Parenting, Single Parents / November 4, 2019

20 Famous Single Dads Who Raised Their Kids Alone

In the traditional narrative of the end of a relationship, the family splits apart and the mother gets full custody of the kids. However, this isn’t always true. There are cases where the best parent to care for the kids isn’t, in fact, the mother but rather it’s the father.

There are lots of single dads out there and they rarely get the recognition that they deserve. If we are going to continue to flip gender norms and expectations, it is important to recognize dads who serve as their children’s primary caretaker.

Here are 20 single dads who stepped in and stepped up to care for their families after a divorce or as the result of a major tragedy. With the evolution of family planning, there are also men who have chosen walk the path of parenthood alone.

To all the single dads out there, we see your hard work.

Linnea Moran

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