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5 Apps To Help You Get Serious About Saving

On December 31st, 2018, you said this year, this very one–2019 is when you will reach your savings goals.

We are almost at the end of the year, the leaves are turning brown, Thanksgiving is around the corner and you are nowhere close to hitting your savings goals.

We wholeheartedly get it. Saving is such a pain. It’s difficult, it takes forever and simply put, it doesn’t trigger the same warm and fuzzy feelings like an amazing purchase. In addition, life just seems to always throw curveballs your way like when your car suddenly decides it needs a new battery. Those pesky cars.

Difficult as it is, it’s important to have rainy day funds for sudden life changes or for important goals like getting the house with a terraced garden you’ve always wanted.

On top of personal worry, we may be on the heels of a recession, which is why you should start working to save your coin.

Luckily, there are easily accessible financial apps that can help to replace a fancy financial advisor.


Step one of saving: know what goes in and what goes out. Don’t get overwhelmed and let Mint keep track of your bills and spending trends. The app also allows you to set a monthly budget, which is very important when you are trying to save.


Speaking of budgets, setting one and sticking to it over the course of the month can be very challenging. YNAB is an acronym for “you need a budget.” According to YNAB, “the average new user saves $600 in the first two months and more than $6,000 in the first year.”

Clarity Money

Most of us barely check our bank statements at the end of the month and when we do, there are always a few completely random transactions that leave us scratching our heads. They are usually subscriptions that we’ve completely forgotten about to services we tried for free for seven days but forgot to cancel. You can put an end to that with Clarity Money. It allows you to see exactly what you have subscribed for.


As you can tell by its name Ellevest is specifically for women. If you want to learn about investing but don’t know where to start, start here.


Acorns helps you turn your change into higher net investments. So let’s say you purchase a sandwich for $6.50, Acorn rounds up the dollar amount to $7 and invests the extra .50cents for you. It’s a clever way to save and invest if you are new to personal finance and want something that’s quick functional and easy.

Happy Saving!

Linnea Moran

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