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5 Family-Friendly Activities to Do in Lisbon

Lisbon’s recent rise in popularity comes as no surprise because the city itself is charming on all levels: the beautiful rolling hills at sunset, the proximity to the Atlantic waters and beaches, the top-notch cuisine, and all of the colorfully decorated tiles that scream eye-candy. With that said, here are five activities to consider doing the next time you set foot in this magnificent city with your family.

Go hipster at LX Factory. 

Think “Brooklyn meets Europe.” This little niche is filled with little coffee shops, handmade crafts and jewelry, barber shops, and more. Wander around a decorated alley while surrounded by brick buildings and glance up at the Ponte 25 de Abril. It’s also just a lovely place to take family pictures. Don’t forget to check out a massive display of motorcycles that parked next to the street cafes!

Ride an electric bike to Belem.

The Belem Tower is a must-see in Lisbon, but it takes almost an hour by foot. To make your travels shorter and more fun, rent an electric bike from Steez. At 10 euros an hour, you can easily reach the west point of the city in less than half an hour while enjoying the breeze as you zoom by the waters. Your family is going to look like such a cool biker gang!

*Note: There is an age limit to ride electric bikes. See website for more details.

Take in city views from Castelo de Sao Jorge. 

Because Lisbon is comprised of steep hills, you’re guaranteed an exciting view when you reach new heights (literally). One place that is great for such a view is Castelo de Sao Jorge, a ruin that sits majestically above central Lisbon. Soak in the castle’s ancient Portuguese history while admiring the panoramic beauty it offers. Don’t forget to climb up the castle’s fortress!

Learn how to make pasteis de nata (Portuguese egg tarts).

Pasteis de nata is Lisbon’s most famous egg custard pastry. Light, crispy, and flaky on the outside and creamy delicious on the inside, it’s the perfect dessert. You can find multiple hosts that offer pastry making lessons on Airbnb Experiences or at the Pastel de Nata Workshop.

Get away from Lisbon for a beach day with your family.

Did you know visiting a beach as a day trip from Lisbon is easier than you think? Portugal takes pride in having some of the world’s most beautiful and accessible beaches. So even if you only have plans to stay in the city center, distance should not an excuse to miss this opportunity. To see the complete beach guide, click here.

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