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5 Ideas For A Date Night In

Nowadays, a simple date night out on the town can end up costing upwards of $100+ per person once you factor in everything from ridesharing to the absurd cost of a single movie ticket. So what is one to do when attempting to achieve a memorable night without making a memorable dent in one’s bank account? It’s time to get creative! We’ve compiled a list of 5 really awesome stay-at-home date ideas that will not only save you money, but also make you look pretty darn cool in the process.

1. Favorite Movie Night

Couple enjoying a movie at home

One of the first questions we ask someone upon meeting them is what their favorite movie is. Truth be told, people love talking about things that are important to them, and everybody has a movie that holds a special place in their heart. Why not share those with each other during a simple night in? Each of you pick out your all time favorite movie (preferably one that your partner hasn’t seen) and rent it from Amazon (usually less than $5.00.) That way, you can spend time together while also experiencing the utter joy on your partner’s face as they share their favorite film with you. Throw in some favorite snacks and you’ve got yourself a swell night indoors.

2. Game Night

Board Game Night

Board games are a dying art form and should be revived anytime the opportunity presents itself. What better way to spend some quality time with your partner than a good old-fashioned night of innocent childhood fun? Although it may seem far-fetched to find a game that requires only two players with a little digging – anything is possible. Like this list from Polygon on The Best Two Player Board Games (Highly recommend Bananagrams!)

3. Favorite Album Night

Couple listening to music and singing

Another key to the heart is through music. Music is so incredibly important and weaved so deeply into our everyday life, why wouldn’t you want to share that with someone you love? Have you and your partner both pick out your favorite album(s) of all time and hold your very own listening party. This can be done for almost no cost at all through places like Youtube and Spotify. Follow up each song with a simple discussion on why you love it and why it’s important to you. Not only are you sharing something intimate with your partner, you’re learning more about them in the process!

4. Indoor Camping

Blanket fort with pillows and lights

This idea is probably the best one on this list, because no matter how old you are, a good blanket fort is a good blanket fort. There are countless tutorials online on how to build one in case age has gotten the best of you, or you can get creative and channel your inner architects and design your own from scratch. Another great alternative is to pick up a simple small 2 person tent from your local store (like this one at Target for $25) and set it up in your living room. Be sure to decorate with lots of comfortable pillows and blankets as well as some string lights for ambiance. You could easily combine this idea with any of the ideas above for a double whammy!

5. Simple home cooked dinner

Couple cooking dinner as a date

I think the overall theme here is to learn things about your partner while doing an activity that the both of you can enjoy together. This one is super easy and great because you can easily have yourself or your partner pick out one of your all time favorite meals and make it together! Not only are they learning how to cook your favorite food, but they’re learning more about you and enjoying your company in the process. This is a great alternative to eating out because you can save money by picking up fresh and local ingredients. Throw in a bottle or two of wine and you’ve got yourself a fine dining experience for a fraction of the cost.

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