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7 Hilarious Dad Memes That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood

Dads. We love them, can’t do without them and we also like to make fun of them. Why are dads such an easy target? Perhaps it’s because they get the easier lot when it comes to parenting.

Dads are well meaning, full of insight, and always there to give good advice when their kids need it. They want to be supportive by saying things like “we are having a baby” when their wives are pregnant. They try…hard.

Let’s celebrate all that dads and their sometimes terrible dad jokes with these hilarious Dad memes.

1. A Superhero’s Sensible Arch Nemesis

2. Because Kiddie Allowances Just Didn’t Cut it

3. Who left the thermostat on?! 

4. Every Sunday night 

5. Who was that kid that kept adding things to the cart?

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6. When you have to indulge your dad in his “cool” antics…

7. Immigrant child problems…

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