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8 (Stay-at-Home) Holiday Date Night Ideas

With holidays approaching and the weather getting colder, a lot of us are feeling less and less inclined to leave the house for virtually anything other than an absolute emergency. So what does this mean for date nights out on the town? Well for starters, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring the fun indoors for both you and your partner. There are countless indoor activities to engage in this winter that are not only festive, but also actually really fun. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ideas that we hope you use for inspiration.

1. Make a Gingerbread House
A gingerbread house near a Christmas tree

Gingerbread houses have been a holiday staple for as long as most of us can remember. They are a fun and creative activity that anyone can enjoy. Eat em right away, or save them for decoration, but if you choose the latter, we must warn you – they become QUITE hard. You can purchase kits off Amazon here, or find them at your local hardware / grocery / superstore.


2. Hot Cocoa
Couple enjoying some hot chocolate

What cozy winter date night indoors would be complete without a piping hot cup of hot cocoa? Answer: NONE. This yummy classic treat is the perfect edition to any movie night or game night in. Spice it up a bit and add a little booze with one of these 13 spiked hot chocolate recipes.


3. Take a holiday light drive
House with lots of Christmas lights

Yes, I know this one actually involves leaving the house, BUT, you get to sit inside a warm car and look at all the pretty Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Pack some hot chocolate from above into a to-go cup (virgin – don’t drink and drive people) and enjoy a cruise with your loved one.


4. Sledding or Snow Angels
Couple making snow angel

While we’re on the subject of leaving the house – another great and cost efficient activity is going sledding or making some snow angles! What better way to fill that nostalgia ache than bundling up and heading out for an hour in the snow. What makes this even more enjoyable is being able to come back inside, draw a hot bath with bae, or just cozy up near the fireplace and warm up.


5. Make some S’mores

Two s'mores on a table

Believe it or not, this campfire classic is the perfect edition to a romantic night indoors. Light up the fire place and you can cook these bad boys from the comfort of your living room. Don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry! You can cook them over the flame on a gas stove, OR you can order this awesome portable S’more maker from Amazon. (It also makes for a great gift this season.)

6. Painting with wine
Couple painting a picture

Let’s face it – wine makes everything better. Why not get in touch with your artistic sides and paint a few pictures? You can use the snow landscape outside as inspiration or do it completely freestyle – the choice is yours. You can grab a simple paint kit off Amazon here and unleash your inner Picasso.

7. Have an indoor spa night
Young couple laughing and wearing face masks

You don’t have to head to your local spa and drop a hefty chunk of change to get this experience. You and your partner can replicate it at home for little to no cost at all. Grab some simple face masks off Amazon, light a few scented and relaxing candles, or even draw a nice hot bath with a bath bomb of your choice. If you’re feeling REALLY adventurous you can take turns giving massages with this relaxing Lavender and almond oil.


8. Christmas movie marathon
Young couple enjoying a Christmas movie night

And last, but certainly not least a Christmas movie marathon. Slip into some comfortable clothes, pour some wine or spiked hot chocolate, snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy a few of you and your partner’s favorite Christmas flicks! What better way to enjoy a date night indoors than with a little holiday cheer. Not only is this a way to save some cash, it’s also a great way to learn about your partner’s favorite Christmas movies.

Linnea Moran

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