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Adorable Video Compilation Captures Brothers and Sisters Meeting Their Newborn Siblings

Do you remember your firstborn meeting the newest addition to your family for the first time?

This video harkens back to my memory of my first time seeing my baby brother for the first time, back in 1996. Freshly swaddled up in a hospital blanket with firmly shut eyes and a vulnerably adorable facial expression, he was an absolute sight to behold. If you’ve forgotten what it’s like, perhaps this will refresh your memory of that special moment!

What was it like when your eldest met their baby brothers and/or sisters for the very first time? Share your story with us below!


Vivian Wang

Vivian is New York City-based food and culture enthusiast. When not working, you can find her traversing across the globe, frolicking around food markets, meeting new people at jazz bars, and immersing herself in art museums.

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