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Alexis Ohanian On Why We Need to be Talking About Paternity Leave

When most people talk about paid family leave, they often leave new dads out of the equation however, studies are showing the importance of paid paternal leave. Fathers who spend more time with their kids in those essential first days feel more engaged in their kids’ lives.

Another study shows that kids are less likely to have developmental problems when their fathers are able to take paternal leave. Sadly, about 21% of men in the US fear they might loose their jobs if they do so. In addition to the immense benefit for the father and child, there is also the added benefit that paternal leave could reduce the wage gap between men and women in the US.

New mums find it easier to return to work when both parents have equitable leave. A study in Sweden also shows that for every month that men are able to take paid parental leave, their spouse’s income increased by 7%.

Additionally, with more and more non-traditional family dynamics at play, there are LGBTQ+ couples and single parents who deserve to benefit from paid parental leave to care for their children whether they are adopted or conceived through surrogacy. This is why some celebrities and entrepreneurs like Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian (you may know him as Serena William’s husband) are taking  center stage on this issue.

In the video below, he speaks about his decision to take paternal leave and how it positively impacted his experiences as a new dad.

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