Parenting / March 9, 2020

Apps That Help Simplify Parenthood

It’s understandable that finding yet another reason to use your phone these days can be a setback to living life distraction-free, but hear us out. Uncontrollable chaos comes with the parenting package, and sometimes, you just need an extra hand (well, maybe not literally an extra hand). If hiring a sitter isn’t part of the solution, here are some apps that can help give your parenting a little boost so you can concentrate on the things (and people) that matter to you the most. You’ll never want to underestimate the impact of digital help again!


Having a hard time juggling chores, family activities, and cooking at the same time? No problem. Meet Cozi, the must-have app for parents with busy schedules. Keep all of your events and activities in one place while also tracking your grocery shopping list, chores, and other reminders. You can access the app from any mobile device, anywhere. It also includes a place to store your unforgettable family moments!

Quick Tips for New Dads

Quick Tips for New Dads has helped men around the world become more proactive in their role as new parents. This NPR and Grazia-approved app is perfectly designed for those who have questions, but not enough courage to ask. QTND is the new secret weapon for new dads’ success. Access over 250 tips on feeding, napping, and more, as well as informative How-To guides and essential checklists. With QTND there every step of the way, fathers will never feel alone tackling parenting again.

Playground Buddy

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Founded by a small team of four from British Columbia, Canada, Playground Buddy aims to help parents find the best local playgrounds for children while promoting outdoor activity for early childhood development. It serves as a great community resource to keep parents informed on the latest updates of nearby playgrounds. The app allows you to research playground features and photos while including a map that can help you discover new play locations around your neighborhood. Keen to spread the word on a new hot playground? You can share playground details and locations with other parents who don’t use the app.

Scholly Search

For parents with kids aspiring to go to college, Scholly Search can help. This app customizes your search for scholarships based on your child’s strengths and interests. Every year, there are at least $100 million worth of unclaimed scholarships. You can help change that statistic by finding the best financial aid to get you child to his or her dream school.

Find My Friends
Let’s face it, hovercraft parents. You want to know where your 13-year old is at all times, but you know the drill: the “Where are you?” texts are not going to work. Use Find My Friends or any other location tracking app on your mobile device to keep tabs on your kid’s whereabouts. With reduction of annoying texts, you might save yourself a bickering session while retaining a peace of mind.

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