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Are You Daring Enough To Use A Celebrity Baby Name?

When you’re pregnant, family members, friends and even complete strangers ask what you’re naming your baby and hurl off-beat suggestions your way, in response to which you politely smile and nod.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I reflected on 25 years of baby name ideas. When I came home from my first day of Kindergarten, I told my mom that I wanted to change my name to Rose. My appreciation for flower names developed further over the years transitioning into more Y2K-esque monikers like Diamond and Angel.

Thankfully, as my due date drew near, I came to understand the weight that a person’s name can carry. It is a permanent selection that can affect who your child becomes and a decision that commands ample thought and consideration.

Luna Stephens posing in traditional thai dress
Chrissy Teigen’s daughter, Luna

After extensive name research, I eventually turned to reading the credits at the end of movies and shows for ideas but realized I didn’t have to wait till the end of a movie to get inspiration.

From Kim Kardashian West‘s children Psalm and Chicago to Jessica Simpson‘s newest baby girl, Birdie Mae, celebrities have inspired non-traditional naming practices for civilians like us.

Check out the meaning behind 10 celebrity baby names and see if any are a fit for your little one.

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