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At-Home Craft Cocktails To Close Out Summer

Leo season is upon us and that means summer is almost over. *wipes tears* But it also means you’ll need fun, refreshing summer cocktails to spend the remaining warm nights gathering with friends.


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There are a few key items you need before you get started with at-home bartending.

  1. Shaker: Without a great shaker, you won’t be able to mix your carefully curated ingredients. Invest in quality here to ensure many more seasons of imbibing.
  2. Glassware: Beautifully crafted glassware makes drinking that much more fun, and certainly more Instagram-worthy.
  3. Ice: People seem to forget about this, especially when you’re drinking for 1 most nights. Try these fancy AF ice molds to cool your cocktails and impress guests.

Get started with these 3 easy summer cocktail recipes that are bound to bring your friends back begging for more.

Linnea Moran

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