Experiences, Life, Travel / July 5, 2019

Backpacking By Amtrak: Is It For You?

Are you considering alternative modes of travel for your next vacation? When strategizing summer trips, traveling via the train won’t necessarily save you time or money in comparison to plane flights. That said if you’re looking for adventurous exploration and you have the extra time, or you work remote, backpacking across the country via Amtrak proves to be an interesting experience. This mode of travel forces you to slow down and enjoy the journey. Soak up the views and admire the small towns you’re traveling through, work while you’re en route, and get to know other travelers along the way.

Childhood friends Braxton and DJ took four days to travel across the country on Amtrak. Tune into their experience and gain a sense of whether or not the train is the right mode of transportation for you.


Linnea Moran

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