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Bethenny Frankel Is Leading A Skinnygirl Revolution

Real Housewife of New York, Bethenny Frankel is quietly championing a Skinnygirl Revolution and it’s slowly but surely taking the country by storm. When Frankel first launched her low-calorie margarita mix named Skinnygirl cocktails in 2009, many wrote her off as another reality TV star trying to push products to extend her 15 seconds of fame.

Bethenny Frankel dressed in black and white outfit

Skinnygirl and Frankel were the butt of many jokes, many of them body shaming the reality-star turned entrepreneur. Frankel has said in interviews that she pitched the cocktail solution to many liquor producers and distributors but was shut down and advised that a liquor brand that targets women won’t work because men predominantly purchase liquor. 

Fast forward to 4 years later, Skinny Girl Cocktails proved the naysayers wrong by becoming the fastest growing spirit brands in 2012. After the popularity and sales of the cocktails took off, the company was sold to Beam Beam Suntory, a premium liquor and spirits producer for a reported $100 million.

The scrutiny SkinnyGirl received perhaps also highlights the bias against women entrepreneurs, especially those who create products specifically for women.

Bethenny Frankel on stage holding microphone
Bethenny Frankel at AdWeek

Since then, Frankel has launched a variety of products under the SkinnyGirl label including apparel, intimates, coffee, salad dressing and hair care.

Today, the SkinnyGirl brand includes over 120 different SKUs-meaning over 120 individual products, under the umbrella of  “offering practical solutions to women.”

Frankel sat down with Inc. to dish on the challenges of being an entrepreneur and shared real world advice for women who aspire to own their own businesses.

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