Astrology / June 22, 2019

Cancers, These 7 Memes Are For You

Happy birthday to all of the sensitive, nurturing, and domestic Cancerians out there. Whether you’re a crab yourself or have a special Cancer in your life, here are a few spot-on, knee-slapping memes to toast (and roast) the zodiac sign.

  1. I’m sentimental. So sue me.

2. My couch needs me.

3. I am here for you.

4. The feels though. They’re just so strong.

5. Just a few minor asks for those in my life.

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Canc-er?? I barely know-er!!! #cancers

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6. I take care of… well, just about everything. But who’s counting?

7. I live for my cat.

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Truly heartbreaking! | follow @cancergasms for more ❤️

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Linnea Moran

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