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Chrissy Teigen Shares What It’s Like To Be an A-List Celebrity In Twitter AMA

Supermom and Twitter comedian Chrissy Teigen took to, well, Twitter a few days ago to answer some questions about being a celebrity. Teigen opened up the floor and decided to give us a little insight on what the life of a huge A list celebrity is like. From private airport terminals, to 24-hour house staff, this AMA has it all. And the best part? She’s super real and honest and humble as always. Check out some of our favorite questions and answers below.


1. The basics – What is the biggest perk of being a Celebrity?


2. The truth about what she misses most about “normal life.”


3. The secret hack to dinner reservations.


4. The secret airport terminal


5. The truth behind award shows.


6. The truth about paying the bills.


7. The “House Manager.”


8. And nannies.


9. The last time she rode public transportation.


10. What she feels most guilty about.


11. The truth about the Paparazzi.


12. The truth about other celebs.


13. The truth about going out in public.


14. The truth about the effect of fame.


15. And lastly – who her real friends are.

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