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Dad-Friendly Playdate Ideas For The Holiday Break

Playdates with other dads and their kids don’t have to mean video games or baseball at the park. Try these playdate activities to mix things up. They are enjoyable for the young ones as well as the adults.

Cook kid-friendly foods
Find recipes that are safe and easy for the kids to make. Cooking can make for a fun sensory experience allowing the kids to use their hands to break, squish and mix the ingredients to create fun-looking food that they can enjoy.

dad cooking with daughter

Tour a local food factory
Discover what is made in your area and ask about a tour. Kids can learn how candy, ice cream, or other foods are made, and the best part is: you get free samples!

chocolate kisses in a factory

Create, create, create!
Find places that let kids make unique things with their hands. Pottery, painting, and paper craft classes or shops can make for great playdate activities.

kids painting ceramics together

Reading to dogs in the shelter
Some dog shelters have programs where kids can read to the dogs. This is emotionally stimulating for both the dogs and the kids, and a great opportunity to practice their reading skills!


This activity is very popular but not many know what it is. Use GPS technology to follow coordinates that lead to a hidden package, or a cache. There might be a message or a gift. You can also leave your own gift behind. This is an educational activity that also provides exercise in the outdoors.

small container in forest with note saying Do NOt Remove Geocache


Whatever you choose, make sure the kids are having fun, and the dads will too.

What are your favorite activities with your dad friends?

Steve Reddell

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