Self Care / March 3, 2020

Daylight Savings: How to Avoid Messing Up Your Circadian Rhythm

For many, going to bed early can be a difficulty. Daylight Savings Day is coming up this Sunday, and it’s never the easiest since we are already “losing” an hour of our day in adjustment with the increasing presence of the sun. If you have kids who have trouble going to bed at earlier hours, why not start tackling these problems before giving yourself a triple headache before Sunday?

Growing up, my mother described me as an “overly energetic” child during the “wrong times.” By “wrong times,” those periods included bedtime. I just couldn’t go to bed early, ever. Even if I did as I was told, I would lie awake in my bed for two hours straight in full misery knowing I wasn’t allowed to silently play with my toys because I could potentially wake my baby brother (who, by the way, could sleep anywhere, and at anytime of the day – what a lucky bastard). So whenever it came to battling jet-lag after vacation or the weekend of Daylight Savings, life wasn’t easy for me.

One of the things my mother did to lessen Daylight Savings hardships for me was by tiring me out with packed activities for the three-four days leading up to Sunday. Whether it was extra swim lessons or a day trip to the park, she made sure I had plenty to do to run my batteries out before it was bedtime.

In college, there were instances where I had forgotten about Daylight Savings day approaching, which resulted in a short-period of frenzied panic as I dreaded going to classes on Monday with zero hours of sleep due to hyper-energetic insomnia. To battle this, I consumed moderated doses of melatonin gummies, which CVS sells for a reasonable price and comes in a delightful strawberry flavor.

I’m sure there are other methods (yoga, meditation) out there that are equally effective in helping one transition into Daylight Savings in the least stressful way possible. If none of the above are your typical approaches, how do you prepare yourself (and your children) for Daylight Savings without messing up your circadian rhythms?

Linnea Moran

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