Beauty, For Moms / May 21, 2019

DIY Face Masks for Busy Moms

It’s already hard being a parent, let alone being an adult. Paying your bills while picking kids up from school? Washing the dishes while watching your toddler cry over spilled milk?

In leading the double life, we forget to make time to ourselves sometimes, even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes. And when we do make time, we must use it wisely – so why not a quick DIY facial? We’ve compiled a list of easy DIY face masks by make up expert Michelle Phan that respect your busy life while giving your face the pampering it deserves.

Anti-Acne Cinnamon Mask

Breaking out because you’re stressed? No problem. Skip the Neutrogena products and make this mask instead. It’s gentle on the skin and most importantly, smells good.

Olive Oil & Honey Mask

That’s right. Two ingredients that result in one outcome: nourished and healthy skin. So easy!

Egg Mask

Say what? Yes, egg whites have been proven to to help treat oily skin while whitening and tightening it by reducing the size of your pores. With minimal steps, your face will be glowing in no time.


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