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DIY Valentine Cards For the Last-Minute You

Growing up, I remember Valentine’s Day being an overly “huge” deal at school since half of the school day was dedicated to exchanging candy grams and placing them in each person’s homemade Valentine box, which were decorated with pink and red heart-shaped splendor. If I recall correctly, receiving enough candy and fake sweet notes was already stressful enough, but it was making all 25 Valentine grams (including my own teacher and a special aide) the night before that really tested me and my mother.

“Can we please just buy cards from Hallmark?” I begged my mom.

“Why? Those cards cost like $3 each!” she would respond. “Tell me, what do you get when you multiply three by 25?”

Bless my mother for her practicality, because spending $75 on an entire class full of kids I either loved as friends or had elementary beef with just didn’t make any sense. We already had ample construction paper at home, and my mom encouraged me to use my creativity. Give me a pair of scissors and push my brain cells to work a little more, and you’ll get some nice (and fairly affordable, thanks to child labor) results.

I’m now a full-time working adult in New York City and have almost forgotten the wonderful feeling of receiving a handmade and handwritten card. Authenticity has drastically reduced thanks to the convenience of electronic services like iMessage and emails. Sometimes, going the extra mile besides texting or posting on Instagram can make all the difference to show someone that you truly care.

So on that note, there’s still a possibility to make 25 Valentine’s Day gram cards with your child for all of their classmates the evening before the big day. If I was able to do it, then so can you! Find last-minute inspiration for your VDay cards in the video below by 5-Minute Crafts.

Linnea Moran

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