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Do Men Really Hate Astrology?

Since these days we are all into how to read our birth charts and constantly trying to figure out our earth and water signs, it can feel like everyone is in on it. However, this isn’t always true, especially with men.

Cosmopolitan recently did a piece about why men hate astrology and it left us wondering, is this really true. Is the belief in astrology inherently feminine? This is what the men of Quora had to say about it…

Astrology takes vulnerability

Women are usually more in tune with how they feel, being that which is pursued she collects with her girls and discusses their world. So maybe astrology can finally be that thing that gives her the edge to understand what’s going on in the forces around her. Women, naturally, can feel more vulnerable than men so anything that gives her that psychological insight into her very intimate community is valuable. Like an answer said earlier, if astrology had a high accuracy rate predicting the stock market or how to get laid this weekend men would be all over it too.

Kyle Pierce

It’s all superstition

I put belief in astrology in the same bucket as superstition.  Generally people believe in superstition when they are in situations where they have little or no control over the outcome of their actions.  Soldiers are often superstitious, sailors (esp submariners), players in team sports, race car drivers, etc.  It’s an attempt to bring sense to a situation that doesn’t seem to have any and gives the illusion of control (Don’t enter into any business transactions today, this is a good time to review your portfolio, stay away from quarrelsome friends, etc).

Bob Anderson

The problem is in the writing

Astrology is targeted at women readers. The people who write horoscopes write them specifically and deliberately for a female demographic and with women readers in mind. Just because women read their stars doesn’t mean for a second they genuinely believe them. More women would be exposed to astrology because of its prevalence in magazines and media targeted toward women but that doesn’t mean they actually accept it as in anyway a genuine prediction of their day to day lives.

David Steward

Men Like Astrology In The Shadow

Part of it is appearance, many men keep their mouth shut about astrology.
I have paid for services that provide financial and market predictions based partly on astrology. They have been generally successful, and have helped me make money. However, I’m going to stay Anon and keep my mouth shut, because this doesn’t fit Silicon Valley, where I live.  The money spends just as well as money made by more “rational” investing….

– Anonymous

Because of fate and marginalization

Women are more likely to believe in astrology because they: believe in chance or fate and feel socially marginal.

Gabriel Seah

Linnea Moran

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