Experiences, Funny / October 10, 2019

Do You Have What It Takes To Carve A Celebrity Pumpkin?

We know you love celebrities. We know you love pop culture. We know you want to be in the know so we’re going to skip right over the lame, old classic jack o’lantern carvings and push you to design red carpet ready pumpkins for your front stoop.

Step 1: Pick a celebrity with an easy face.

Step 2: Level up your look with the right accessories: think hair, makeup, and the finest jewels.

Step 3: Crack your knuckles and bend those knees in preparation for an influencer-level carving session

Now you’re ready. Send us photos of your best attempts and we’ll feature them on Halloween.

HelloGiggles has some hilarious inspiration you need to get started.

Linnea Moran

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