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Dulci Edge Won’t Let Motherhood to Stop Her From Traveling

Until she became a mother, art director Dulci Edge was living the life of a true jet-setter. One day she’s on the road to Nashville, the next day she’s lounging at a hotel in Palm Springs. Life was spontaneous. Life was exciting. Life was just good. 

At least this is kind of live women are able to live up to before motherhood hits. You could do just about whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, and wherever you wanted without having to put anyone else first. Yet when Dulci gave birth to her son Charley, she earnestly believed for awhile that traveling would be out of the question for the next five to six years.

In a short essay for Here Magazine titled “Have Baby, Will Travel,” Dulci reflects on how motherhood allowed her to continue fulfilling her wanderlust despite contrary belief. When Charley slowly settled into a more predictable routine, she recalls the moment when “suddenly the though of going somewhere, anywhere, didn’t seem so impossible.”

So far, motherhood has been “the trip of a lifetime” for Dulci that’s full of “humbling moments” and “the most unexpected joys,” minus the lack of sleep (count jet-lag as the precursor).

Extracting my favorite quote from the essay:

“In many ways, all my travels have prepared me [to become a mother],” Dulci writes. “Like being a traveler, being a parent requires a spirit of openness, the flexibility and grace to roll with it, and the good sense to laugh when it all goes wrong. When it’s difficult… I get to show my son that the world is big and beautiful, and it’s all there waiting for him.”

To read the full essay, click here.

Have you succeeded to travel often with children just as Dulci did? Let us know in the comment section below!


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