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Eco-Anxiety Is Real

The wealthy, entitled moms of the Monterey Five in Big Little Lies tried to shut down climate change education in episode 2 of this season. The episode touches on eco-anxiety: anxiety brought on by fears surrounding the plight of the environment.


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While it is not a new concept, eco-anxiety in children has been amplified by an increase in climate change education in schools. Thoughts of more and more animals in critical danger of extinction, the endangerment of the coral reefs, frequency of natural disasters and melting glaciers can be stressful and worrisome for kids.


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The first step in recognizing eco-anxiety in your child is to acknowledge and understand what their fears are about climate change. Additionally, you can help them cope by proactively adopting sustainable and eco-conscious practices into your home life.


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For 16-year-old environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, taking action was the solution. She skipped school to protest the inaction of the Swedish government and demanded they reduce carbon emissions. Her protest sparked action worldwide with students walking out of schools to protest in favor of environmental protections.

Learn more about her story and how you can support your children as our fight to save the planet continues.

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