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Feel Good Friday: Single Mom Finds Out She Adopted Siblings

Katie Page was in her 30s and recently divorced. She had always dreamed of motherhood and experienced fertility issues throughout the course of her marriage. She decided that while she followed her family’s requests to “wait until you find the right man” she would begin fostering children to give them a temporary home.

This worked in her favor because after only 11 months, Katie adopted her foster child, naming him Grayson. About a month later, Page received a call from the same hospital about another newborn needing immediate placement. Something in her gut told her to say yes, and so she did, and Hannah was brought to her home. She knew instantly that she wanted to adopt Hannah as well, but noticed that the name of her birthmother on her hospital bracelet was the same name as Grayson’s.

She thought to herself, could the two actually be siblings? Two weeks after speaking with the case worker, Katie found out that Grayson and Hannah were in fact, biological siblings in this heartwarming twist of fate.

Watch the full feel good story brought to you by Good Morning America.

Linnea Moran

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