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Female Cartoon Characters We Loved in the 2000’s (And Still Do)

Growing up during the height of cable TV was a great one. Saturday mornings were for cartoon marathons in front of the big screen while eating breakfast in your PJs. As a girl, I was constantly on the lookout for female cartoon characters that I could respect and relate to. These individuals on TV inspired young girls (and boys!) to be unapologetic about their identities and prove the impossible. Here’s a few that had to make it to our list:

Wonder Woman

Nothing beats the Wonder Woman from DC’s Justice League animated series. She’s strong, compassionate, graceful, intelligent, and has never lost a single battle against any of her enemies. In a world of superheroes where most are still comprised of men, Wonder Woman sets up a star example. What’s not to like about her?

Velma Dinkley

Move over, Fred. The one with the real brains in the Mystery Inc. gang is Velma Dinkley. Without her, the gang would not find the crucial clues needed to solve their mysteries during their freakish adventures. You can count on her to recite any encyclopedic fact to catch their next suspect.

Kim Possible

What’s the sitch, KP? This girl sets the best example when it comes to time management. Fighting crime while juggling high school bullies and cheerleading practice? Now that’s a bada** girl power right there.

Powerpuff Girls

Not one, two, but three female superheroes ready to save the day? Now that’s a show worth watching by everyone. Don’t underestimate these big-eyed cuties; they will punish anyone who intends to harm innocent citizens. Best of all, they fiercely love their single dad.

Lizzie Maguire

Like Kim Possible, Lizzie has inspired young viewers how to not let school bullies and mean siblings get to the best of us. She’s also going through the worst teenage case scenarios for all of us so we don’t have to. Life is never perfect, and she’s the best one to teach us that.

Mrs. Frizzle

Science lovers, anyone? Our favorite curly-haired science teacher has always inspired us to stay curious and not be afraid of the unknown. With her group of students, they’ve ventured out to bizarre territories including beehives, deep sea oceans, and even outer space!

Are we missing any of your favorite female lead cartoon characters? Who was yours growing up? Let us know in the comments below!

Linnea Moran

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