Astrology / July 10, 2019

Find Out The Top Zodiac Signs In Your Social Network With World Emoji Day

Mark your calendar for July 17, 2019, and join in on the visual, emotive celebrations of World Emoji Day. Since the initial spotting within Japanese mobile phones in the early ’90s, emojis have since evolved into a widely adopted, universal mode of communication.

Today, emojis are utilized for a variety of purposes. From emphasizing emotion, to completely replacing words altogether, the visual vocabulary has become quite the communication tool. For all of our astrology lovers out there, celebrate World Emoji Day by polling your zodiac tribe together.

Have you ever taken stalk of astrological trends amongst your social network?

How many Virgo friends exist in your social media feed? How many Aries do you have in your network? As a Scorpio myself, I’m always intrigued by opportunities to research and reveal.

Let’s investigate your astrological community via the playful, visually stimulating emojis.

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or text messaging, drop your sun sign emoji ♍️into your update and ask if others have the same sun signs as you in your network. Twinning sun signs, anyone? #WorldEmojiDay

Linnea Moran

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