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5 Family-Friendly Activities to Do in Rome

It might have been easier to plan out what to do in Rome if you were traveling just by yourself or with your partner. But with kids? Now that’s a whole different story (and itinerary). Here are five activities that will keep all members of the family entertained at all costs.

Take an Italian cooking class!

What’s not to love about food? La dolce vita starts with fresh, al dente homemade tagliatelle with a homemade tomato sauce. Learn how to deep fry squash blossoms and fill it with cheese and proscuitto. Make a tiramisu cake. There are hundreds of cooking classes available throughout the Eternal City, and none of them will disappoint. The kids will have a wonderful time.

If you’re not much of a cook, then try a food tour.

All you need to do is walk (and eat). Devour Tours hosts some spectacular tours featuring mouthwatering pasta and desserts (to name just a select few) in the Testaccio district. You definitely won’t need to worry about feeding your family for the rest of the day after a 4 hour food tour!

Do a bike tour around the city.

There’s no need to walk sluggishly under the scorching heat (if you’re visiting during the summer). Join a bike tour organized by TopBike Rental and Tours, whose office is located right by the Colosseum. You’ll be able to see much more at a faster pace!

Walk up Pincio Hill to see the beautiful Roman sunset.

By Piazza Popolo, you’ll see stairs that lead you to a small hilltop overseeing most of Rome, where you can catch the tips of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, and the Altare della Patria (Altar of the Father). Skies at dusk during warm weather bless visitors with a sky full of wondrous technicolor at around 7pm or so during the summer, and it’s a sight that you cannot miss!

Complete a Rome scavenger hunt together as a family, kid-style.

Scavenger hunt cards are easy to make, printable, and keep kids occupied as you walk around the Eternal City’s most iconic spots. Ask your children to count how many gladiators they saw today or the number of arches on the Colosseum. Who knows, you might enjoy these more than they do!

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