Funny, Inspiration / October 4, 2019

Friday Feelings | Are You The Awkward Friend?

I get really paranoid that I’m being OTT (over the top) or straight up annoying by incorporating too many jokes and accents into group conversations. Sometimes I try to tone it down – no need to be the star of the show (although I am a Leo) and try to “blend in” more on group outings with friends.

Long story short: no one wants to be the awkward friend.

Tips to avoid the designation:

  • Do not wear transition glasses. They are painfully dorky and will never, ever, ever be accepted by society as even ironically cool.
  • Hilarious weirdness is ok, but straight up weirdness is not. Say no to creeps.
  • Pass on making passive-aggressive comments when the happy hour check arrives, it’s not a good look and Jennifer paid for your $18 drinks last night so cool it.



Linnea Moran

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