Inspiration / October 11, 2019

Friday Feelings | Live In The Moment

As a teenager, I was all about the “live fast, die young” lifestyle. Movies like Thirteen were my inspiration for rebelling against my parents and living like, honestly, an idiot with no consideration of a better future.

Fortunately, I had a loving, supportive parents who paid attention to me and didn’t let me go far enough down the wrong path to end up in any truly bad situations. As I got older and wiser, my mantra shifted to “live the dream” or LTD.

In my early 20s, LTD meant going to bottomless brunch after a night at the club but as I’ve grown through the years, it’s come to really represent a life of doing exactly what I want to do. Whether it’s laying in bed listening to podcasts, staying in on a Saturday night or spending obscene amounts of money on skincare products, I make an effort to be grateful for every day that I have with my family and live the life I want.

Seize every opportunity this weekend to do what you want. Leave the guilt behind. Break plans. Make plans. Put yourself first.

Anna Fecskes

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  1. Pierre cadet

    I feel great to read those thoughts

    18 . Oct . 2019

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