Food, Health, Wellness / July 11, 2019

Fruit Juice Now Linked to Risks of Cancer

Recent studies conducted by researchers in France found that individuals who drink around 3.4 oz of soda everyday carry 18% more risk of cancer. But sodas are now not the only culprit to such risks as many artificially sweetened drinks and fruit juice have been found to contribute to the cause as well.

The researchers concluded that “these data support the relevance of existing nutritional recommendations to limit sugary drink consumption, including 100% fruit juice, as well as policy actions, such as taxation and marketing restrictions targeting sugary drinks.”

While any beverage, whether with or without sugar, are necessary as part of a balanced diet, it’s important to be mindful of your daily sugar intake. Maybe next time, switch it up by swapping out a Tropicana orange juice for a glass of water!

Linnea Moran

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