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Goodbye Kids, It’s Time to Reconnect With Bae

Love after baby can be tough. As a mom and a parent, it’s hard to make time for yourself and your partner. I grew up with divorced parents, so I didn’t have an in-house example of a successful relationship. What I learned from movies was that if you get home after a long day and want to kiss your partner on the cheek instead of the lips, you’re heading toward divorce.


It sounds ridiculous, I know. But my overall mindset is that if you cannot make the small effort to turn your head 25 degrees to the left and kiss on the lips, you’re probably cutting corners in other parts of your relationship as well.

Sometimes, between diaper changes, scheduling play dates, trips to the grocery store and a full-time job, it’s easy to disconnect from your partner. Step one is setting aside time to re-establish your bond and remember why you wanted to get down and make a baby in the first place.

Here are some fun date night ideas to keep you from falling into the parenting vortex.


What are ways you and your partner keep the spice alive?


Linnea Moran

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