Astrology / July 1, 2019

Hey July, Week One Horoscopes Are Super Fly!

Happy July star tribe, the month is kicking off with a bang! It’s a busy sky with two eclipses, a Mercury retrograde, and more. Luckily, the cosmic insights from astrologer Astro Sagas are up, helping each zodiac sign navigate the energies of July 1-7.

This week we have the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd and Mercury going retrograde in Leo on the 7th, so we are going to be grounding into our ability to be receptive instead of instigating. 

If you are by a pool sipping on a tall glass of lemonade and letting the summer toast you up, you are doing good babe. Don’t try too hard this month because the cosmos are already doing the most. Just let it happen around you while you watch the tan lines. — Astro Sagas



Ok boo, here’s the deal. Saturn is making a ground tour of your 10th house of career elevation, and we’re about halfway through the transit, which means if you haven’t already stepped up your game and have taken on many responsibilities at work, then you’re about to. The Solar Eclipse this week is opposite this career growth train, so it’s highly likely to bring up some more projects you could take on, or some feedback that’s going to feel rough. I say “nay” to all of that. 

You’re Aries! You are fully capable of stepping into this role right now, but you have to make sure you don’t overextend. You totally do that way too often and then end up burning to a crisp. Just keep your head in the game and work off some of those extra jitters this week with a nice run or a boxing class. Anxiety can also be spelled as Excitement: reframe your fear so it doesn’t reframe you.


There’s quite a buzz in your chart this week, and I like it babe. You’re gearing up for a major shift towards the end of 2020, when all the work you’ve been doing on yourself, your education, and your retraining will manifest as a new career path with many more bags for you to collect. But in the meantime, you’ve got to stay open and flexible to internalizing the new. Remember that you’re a student of life, not a teacher. 

No one teaches time when to show up—she just does when you’re ready. Practice listening this week: listen to what your boo has to say, listen to what the siblings need, listen to what your family patterns are, and listen to what your narrative is. You’re bound to get a lesson or two in from the book of life.


Are you tired of scrounging for the dollar bills and worrying about how you’re going to pay rent in a few months when the savings run out? You’re about to get some real opportunity to make a pretty penny this month, provided you actually believe you can make it happen. I see you trying to get a job at the office even though you know you hate watercooler talk and hustling small projects instead of going for the gold. There’s a trick to making your passion your life-sustaining mode of making money: you have to believe you can make it happen. 

You’ve got to get behind your own damn self and really try to make the dream happen, Gemini. That means doing what you love full time. That means telling people what your intentions are and following through. That means hustling: not for the few dollars this week, but for the bag you’re trying to collect next month. Don’t do work that is beneath you. Don’t let your skills sit on the sidelines in the name of doing the responsible thing and getting a real job. You’ll just be back here in five years starting all over. Again.


It’s time to get off the couch, stop internet shopping, and do the work necessary to bring in your best self. Yes it’s your birthday season, and yes you can enjoy your time off from work however you please, but we both know you’re dissatisfied with certain aspects of yourself that you’d like to shape up and get together. You could spend this week shopping for furniture and buying vitamins off amazon and thinking you’ve done enough to get you going, but honestly, you require more work than that right now. 

If you’re having trouble motivating, please take a look at what you’re feeling so overwhelmed by. You’re making a lot of commitments to people in order to make them happy, but I think it’s leaving you burnt out and in bed all weekend, and it’s not a cute look.


Ok, I really need you to write down your dreams this week. More than at any other time this year, you are going to receive some really juicy downloads from the transcendent realm and I don’t want you to lose the details. This week, but especially on the night of July 2nd and 3rd, you’re going to walk into a dream world that you have visited before and have some work to do in. 

It will be vitally important for you to remember this dream, so make sure to leave a journal next to your bed this week and write down where you’ve been as soon as you wake up in the morning. Whatever download you get will point you in the direction of what work you’ve left pending with the past that needs to be reconciled so you can move forward peacefully. If there’s an ex you’re hung up about, write what you need to say and send it. If you haven’t forgiven yourself for what you said to that family member in haste, gift yourself understanding and compassion. You have a beautiful heart of gold and you don’t need to continue to punish yourself for your mistakes.


Things could definitely be feeling funky with your friends this week. Something is definitely up in your social circle and even though you can’t quite put your finger on it, you know something feels off. But here’s the thing—the thing that’s off is probably you!

You are sending out all kinds of vibes now, and even if you’re not consciously aware that you’re doing it, everyone around you is picking up what you’re putting down. Are you actually having fun at the dance party? Do you actually enjoy those friends’ company? Or are you just going through the motions because you think it’s the right thing to do? You know what the answer is already. So figure out why you’re feeling so ambivalent about the whole thing and be real. Say no when you want to say no, and do a gut check.


Ok, so good news—you’re about to get a step up at work. You’ve probably got a few eggs boiling in different pots, trying to see which one is really going to cook and which ones are duds—and it’s going to be abundantly clear where to focus your energy this week. Someone you’re working with is going to prove very useful and very helpful for your goals, and you’re going to want to work for it. 

Don’t let your ambivalence distract you this week in the form of scattering all your energy every which way and end up doing nothing well. Wait until the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd to pass, and notice what boss, manager, or senior co-worker comes calling with an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. Just keep in mind that you have to keep your schedule open in order to take on the job: you won’t be able to hold on to this boat if you’re bound up by too many ropes.


You need some new energy this week, Scorpio. You have a tendency to get real stuck on the things you know work well and end up missing the boat because you’re too busy making sure everything stays exactly as it should be—the same. 

Please be open to the guidance being offered this week by an elder, teacher, or community member who represents the kind of work you want to be doing. You may think they’re in that coveted position because they’ve remained fixed and steady on the same project year after year, but you may discover that actually, getting up to the top requires some finesse.


You’ve been worrying so much about your own resources, money, energy, and your own stability that you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture, and that just doesn’t suit you, Sag. The Solar Eclipse this week is going to show you exactly why you’re in a tight vise right now in the income sector. You’ve got to trust the universe to give you exactly what you need, baby!

You’ve been handed a heavy hand of instability lately and instead of trying to grasp the floor tightly to make sure you don’t fall, you’ve got to learn to dance and let it fall. Pursue your interests with the same dedication and thoughtfulness that you’re bringing to your worries right now. Let the anxiety slough off in the morning shower. Trust your capability to make gold out of this hay. You’re going to look back at this as one of the most fruitful times you’ve experienced.


Why have you been single so long? Why are you in a relationship but still feel unfulfilled? Why are you having so much fun at work but still feel isolated and unsure? You’re letting your own critic get the best of you, that’s why! 

You have had Saturn moving through your first house of sense of self since December of 2017, and the level of perfectionism you’re expecting from yourself is reaching a high point right now. Chill out! You’re actually spending so much time focusing on what needs to change so you become worthy of feeling loved, that you’re failing to notice all the people in your life that care about you, right now, just as you are. Join them, please! I can’t with all the critique anymore. You’re so fine it’s not even funny.


Easy does it, babe. Do you know that intro all about lounging in the sun and getting a tan? That should definitely definitely be you. You’re going through enough already, what with Saturn going through you 12th and cleaning up house. Yes, you’ve made mistakes in the past, and yes you have been working the same job for too long, but no. 

It’s not your fault. And no, you absolutely shouldn’t take out your frustrations on your co-workers, friends, and loved ones. You’re just going to incur more negative feedback and self-criticism right now, and I just don’t want you to have to go through more of that. Please schedule a mental health day this week. Go to the spa. Soak out your worries. Take a spin class. Luxuriate in what makes you feel comfortable, soft, and refreshed. Focus on July 2nd or 3rd as good times to check out and do you. You’ll avoid uncomfortable outbursts that way.


I see you wanting to get out of the house and have a good time at the party right now. You’ve been so busy and so focused on your projects that you really haven’t seen your friends enough, and they’re wondering if you’re still ALIVE girl! You need to take this opportunity to show up in all your grandeur and finesse that dance floor. It’s time you enjoy yourself.

The Solar Eclipse on July 2nd will bring you inspiration, creativity, charm, and above all ENERGY! We are midway through the summer and you should have a serious level 3 tan by the end of this week because if you are not spending all that vibe getting in as much sun and fiesta as your transcendent little heart desires, then you will be pouting by the weekend. And no one wants to deal with that.


Image Source: AstroSagas

Celia “AstroSagas” Sagastume is a first generation trans Latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master’s degree in social cognition and an astrology practice that’s been active for seven years, AstroSagas combines scientific inquiry, astrological intuition, and a dedication to de-colonizing the mind.


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