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How Do You Introduce Faith Into Your Family?

I am in an interracial and an interfaith marriage and it ain’t easy. I didn’t intentionally fall in love with someone who is the complete opposite of me on paper but it’s where I landed.

As our relationship grew from “a guy I was dating” to “my boyfriend” to “my partner” and beyond, our differences have moved to the forefront of the challenges we face as a couple and in parenthood.

A lot of couples these days are faced with tough discussions surrounding faith and how they plan to incorporate it into their growing family dynamic. What do we believe as a family? How do we want to nurture the faith of our children? What rituals and practices are important to us?

While the Kardashians are most known for inspiring fashion and beauty trends on social media, they have never been shy about sharing the importance of their Christian faith. With the recent growth of Kanye West’s Sunday Service, their faith and religious practices stand out among their sponsored Instagram posts.


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Kourtney Kardashian has regularly talked about her attendance to Sunday church service on KUWTK and hung out with friend and Pastor Chad Veach and his wife Julia to find out how they incorporate conversations around faith in their home.

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