Family / October 7, 2019

How Honest Should You Be With Your Kids About The Birds & The Bees?

Here is a question many parents dread–”where do you babies come from?”

At that moment every parent has to make a decision between a concocted tale involving a stork or telling a simplified version of the truth, “babies come from mummy’s belly.”

If you have a curious kid, that explanation just isn’t good enough. Their follow-up question is sure to be, “but how do they get in mummy’s bellies?”. That’s when you either have to change the subject or come clean about reproductive organs and (gasp!) sex.

Some parents argue that it is essential for kids to know how reproductive organs work because it helps them grow up to be more well-adjusted teenagers and later, individuals who don’t feel ashamed of their bodies.

Others argue that kids are just too young to understand something so complex that even some adults can barely wrap their heads around it.

Gynecologist, Anne-Marie talks to kids about vaginas, periods and just how pregnancies happen while the kids have a range of reactions.

Linnea Moran

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