All About You, Relationships / October 31, 2019

How Sex Tech Can Help You Get Back On Track After Baby

These days, it’s nearly impossible not to interact with one, if not several, pieces of technology each day. From our refrigerators to smart watches to our beloved mobile devices, we are using technology to help us streamline our everyday lives and provide us with more data and statistics around wellness.

While many are familiar with wearable tech that can monitor your heart rate or sleep cycle, few are aware of how technology today can improve your sex life. Getting back on track in the sex department can be tough after baby. Your body has gone through a massive physical experience and your sexual responses are likely to have evolved.

Sexologist, Rebecca Alvarez Story of Bloomi shares some of the best in sex tech that can help you improve your sex life with your partner and get to know your own body better.

Linnea Moran

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