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How to Achieve A Non-Toxic Manicure and Colors To Try This Fall

If you’ve recently audited your bathroom cabinet, you may have realized that most of the beauty products you own have toxic ingredients. Now, it’s time to replace the products in your beauty bag with clean products with all-natural ingredients or non-harmful chemicals.

While many women are aware of toxins in makeup, skincare and hair care products, we’ve got some not-so-great news about your favorite nail polish.

According to this 2010 New York Times article, most traditional nail polishes contain a trio of toxic ingredients: toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde. All three have been noted by the California Safe Cosmetics Act to cause cancer or birth defects.

Thankfully, there are new polishes on the market with cleaner ingredients and colors that will put a smile on your face when you catch a glance of your colorful manicure.


FlossGloss is non-toxic nail polish with a cool-girl attitude. Started by two friends who met in art school–Aretha Sack and Janine Lee – that founded the company when they realized their difficult-to-find colors were a hit among their classmate. Their lacquer is vegan and free of many harmful toxins that are traditionally in nail polish, like Formaldehyde.

Smith & Cult

This brand makes excellent nail polishes that vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and long-lasting. As if all that wasn’t good enough, their bottles are so beautiful, they beg to be displayed on your top shelf.


If you are in the market for a chic-nude polish just in time for fall, they’ve got plenty to choose from.

Ella and Mila

Ella and Mila offer non-toxic nail polish that doesn’t break the bank. Their colors are whimsical and bold and you can pick them up at your local Target.

Flora 1761

For non-toxic brand nail polish with a classic touch, look to this brand. They’ve got that classic lady-like, Diana Vreeland red lacquer down pat.

Butter London

For a non-toxic polish that applies smooth like well, butter, try Butter London.

Linnea Moran

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