Career / September 27, 2019

How To Quit Your Bad Employer

No job is perfect, not even when you are your own boss. No matter how much you love your job and the people you work with, no employment situation is ever all ideal.

We spend a lot of our time at work interacting with different kinds of people, some of whom we wouldn’t have met outside of work and that can lead to some conflict. Also, humans aren’t perfect–we fuss when we shouldn’t, we aren’t always the best communicators and sometimes we make mountains out of molehills.

In most of our relationships, we are constantly aiming to understand each other’s perspectives a little better and relationships between employee and manager aren’t any different. Our natural inclination during work-related conflicts is to try to resolve them as amicably as we can, or put our heads down, pretending it’s all okay and try to excel at our jobs.

This is especially true when the power dynamic between employee and boss is clearly uneven due to the hierarchy. That said, at what point does your work environment become too toxic to salvage?

Those in an abusive work dynamic might claim the timing isn’t right,  the income is much needed and the job market is too hostile to leave. While all of this may be true, when is the right time to decide that your interactions with your boss aren’t productive and your work environment no longer serves your skills and talent?

CNBC contributor and business journalist, Suzy Welch provides advice on when and why to quit your bad boss. If only this video had existed during entry-level days when we just felt grateful to be employed.


Linnea Moran

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