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How to Stay Inspired At Your Dream Job

Have you ever encountered days at work where the inspiration and motivation just isn’t… there?

It’s even more difficult when you know you’re working your dream job – the job your 10-year old self has always wanted. The position perfectly fits your skillset, you’re surrounded by the best environment, you have great coworkers, and you’re maintaining a great relationship with your boss.

Isabelle Nucci from Darling Magazine remembers the moment she caught herself teetering away from the drive that got to her dream publishing job in the first place.

“I had been so enthralled and invested in my work, but I failed to maintain the passion that had gotten me the job in the first place,” she writes.

So what should one do to prevent one’s passion from becoming an everyday obligation?

First, Nucci learned to set boundaries.

“I started to set strict limitations on my weekends, not bringing any of the manuscripts from work into my hands once the work week ended,” she writes. “I had to acknowledge that I may not read as many books as I used to in as short amount of time, but it felt good to relish in a book for pleasure, take notes for myself and not have my mind wander into the realm of cataloging and categorizing.”

She also made sure to allot 15 minutes before bedtime to do something that bring joy. For her, it was simply reading her favorite books, even if her sleepiness allowed her to just read three pages.

It’s healthy balances like these that make good reminders for why we were chosen for our job and why we are great at what we do.

“We could all be ever so lucky to find careers that connect us to our passions in new ways, but we can’t forget to take the time to nurture them independently for ourselves,” she concludes.

Curious for more? Read the full article here.

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