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How To Teach Your Kids Tolerance

Have you ever heard the saying, “you are not raising children, you are raising adults?” While this isn’t quite literally true, the sentiment does hint at preparing your kids to be upstanding members of society. Though there are about 10,000 ways to interpret what being a functioning adult means, we can all agree on one thing–tolerance for others, empathy, and kindness towards everyone including those who are different from us is high on that priority list.

This is why it is important to plant the seeds of acceptance and tolerance in kids at an early age, so that they may grow up to be kind adults and stand up to bullies.

If you are not sure where to begin, the videos below are a helpful guide. Also, try to incorporate children’s books about different kinds of people and experiences into their bedtime routine. That kind of representation matters.

This video explain intersectionality using colorful claymation

This video teaches kids to rethink gender roles and could be a nice exercise to repeat with your kids

Another exercise to try with your kids. Substituting stick figures is perfectly okay.

Because it is important to teach kids about disabilities

This is the updated Fairytale kids need to see

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