Beauty / September 25, 2019

How Women In The 1920’s Dealt With Acne

Whoever said acne ends after one’s teenage years has clearly never heard of stress, hormonal or adult-onset acne. If your face looks inflamed about once a month, then you know exactly what we are talking about. We sympathize with you.

Here’s what we recommend: change your pillowcases, eat more vitamin-rich berries and drink lots and lots of water. If you’re desperate, try a clay face mask.

You may find it cathartic to know that women have been trying all sorts of methods to zap acne for the last 100 years, from applying dry ice to the skin to exposing their skin to cancer-causing UV lamps.

See the video below to learn about the craziest tricks for banishing acne through history.

Have you tried any of these old tricks? Share your acne hacks in the comments below.

Linnea Moran

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