Career / September 30, 2019

How Would A 32-Hour Work Week Change Your Life?

I sometimes think about the ever-so-catchy Dolly Parton song 9 to 5 and I can’t help but laugh at the lyrics within the context of 2019. Back then, the concept of an 8-hour workday seemed stressful and overbearing.

These days, between our freelance gigs, side hustles, and full-time jobs, many of us work well over 40 hours a week.

“A 2014 national Gallup poll reported the average number of working hours at 47 hours per week, or 9.4 hours per day, with many saying they work 50 hours per week.”

Even when we are not at work, we are constantly checking our emails, chats and other inter-office communication platforms. It can be very difficult to simply log off and disconnect from work.

For those that do enjoy their jobs, it is important to have work-life balance and have the opportunity to spend time with friends, family, or simply more time on personal well being.

Think of all the books you’ve always wanted to read. With countries like France and Germany adopting federally mandated fewer work hours (35 hours in France), it is interesting to imagine how our lives in the US will change if we worked less. This video explores just that.

What would you do with the extra 8 hours if you had a 32-hour work week?

Linnea Moran

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