Astrology, Life / July 2, 2019

How You Show Independence Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In celebration of our countries’ Independence Day and The 4th of July, we’re exploring how each zodiac flexes their personal freedom and liberty with our favorite GIFs!

Aries: What don’t they do independently?

Taurus: Strong-willed and bullheaded, they show they’re independence through their persistent, stubborn nature.

Gemini: Say it loud and say it proud! Gemini’s ability to communicate allows for independence of thought, opinion, and self-expression.

Cancer: Self-care anyone? Cancers flex independence through their ability to care for and nurture themselves.

Leo: Self-confident and self-aware, Leos show their independence through leadership.

Virgos: Virgos prioritize health, first and foremost. No matter who they’re with or where they’re at, they’ll flex independence through discipline.

Libra: In liberty and justice for all! Libras see both sides of the coin to maintain balance. They show independence through objectivity.

Scorpio: Determined, disciplined, and confident, Scorpios exude independence through perseverance and their ability to overcome obstacles.

Sagittarius: Freedom loving explorers! Our Sagittarius souls live for the outdoors and find great independence through nature.

Capricorn: Ambitious and assertive, Capricorns show their independence through action.

Aquarius: Original, brave, and curious! Aquarians aren’t afraid to go against the grain and carve their own path. What’s more independent than expressing individuality?

Pisces: The compassionate dreamer: Pisces show their independence by believing in a higher purpose, vision, or dream.


Linnea Moran

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