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In New York, It’s Time to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

In case you haven’t had the chance to do your grocery shopping yet, here’s a quick heads up: it’s time to BYOB. No, not Bring Your Own Bottle (although you could if there are vendors selling unpackaged liquids). It’s time to Bring Your Own Bag.

A legislation signed last year by Gov. Andrew Cuomo banning single use plastic bags across New York State took effect yesterday in an effort to reduce waste across packed metropolitan areas including New York City. Shoppers are now highly encouraged to make use of reusable bags or face the consequences of paying a 5 cent fee for a paper bag.

“Right this minute, plastic bags are hanging in trees, blowing down the streets, filling up our landfills and polluting our lakes, rivers and streams — all hurting our environment,” Cuomo said in a statement released earlier in February. “We took bold action to protect our environment and ban these environmental blights and with this campaign we’re going to make sure New Yorkers are ready and have all the facts.”

It’s unclear whether the campaign is off to a strong start as businesses are still scrambling to transition into an operation without plastic bags. As adjustments are in the making, there are still exceptions: the legislation allows plastic bags to be used for uncooked meat, dry cleaning, and prescription drugs.

That said, the hunt for the best reusable bag brands is certainly on. If you haven’t yet prepared yourself, check out some of these hassle-free reusable bags people have been raving about.



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For anyone seeking the perfect reusable bag, Baggu is a great contender. The zipper-free design makes the bag easy to pack away through a simple folding process, and just as easy to pull out right before you check out at the register. Baggu reusable bags come in all designs and multiple sizes with a comfortable handle length that allows the bag to sit comfortable on your shoulder. Got the bag dirty? No problem, because it’s machine washable too!

Flip & Tumble


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Flip & Tumble bags are your best bet if you worry about losing a casing that comes with your reusable bag. To put away after use, simply roll up these baddies into a tight ball and find the stretchy part of the fabric to wrap around the rest of the bag. It’s extremely durable, waterproof, and carries more weight than you think. Best of all, it comes in an array of beautiful solid colors.

Design Your Own Reusable Bag
This is yet another great excuse to find arts and crafts time with your children (or just for yourself). All you need is a plain white canvas bag (any size and style of your choice) and a couple small bottles of 3D paint. Activate your creative side!

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