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Is Self-Improvement Becoming More Of A Group Activity?

For most of us, self-improvement is a personal and predominately individualized undertaking. Whether you’re working towards a new fitness goal, that office promotion, your new apartment, or mental wellbeing, investing time and energy into your own growth and evolution is an important part of being a happy and healthy person.

With that being said, it seems as though there’s a shift in how we are working towards individual improvement. With an increasing number of subcultures, community events, retreats, and global summits focused around bringing people together as a way to drive wellbeing and growth, we are exploring how self-improvement might actually be most effective through community experiences.

Here are a few observations we’ve made around how various events are promoting and inspiring individual growth.

How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world? – WDS

The World Domination Summit is an annual gathering of thousands of people from all over the world. They meet in Portland, Oregon for a week of meet ups, panels, and experiences focused on how to live remarkable lives in a conventional world. Group coaching and exercises around topics such as “Unlocking New Ways Of Thinking”, “Getting Comfortable With Shame”, “Overcoming Fears Of Failure”, “Building A Tiny House”, “Launching A Kick-Ass Podcast”, and “Business Ecosystems For Transformational Leaders” are led with the intention of inspiring growth and unconventional paths to success.

Find your true north—to cultivate your best self. – Wanderlust

Wanderlust gathers experts, practices, and recipes to help people lead a mindful life. With multi-day festivals and immersions all over the world, Wanderlust creates transformative experiences focused on physical and emotional wellbeing for attendees. With hundreds of events produced in multi-locations featuring rigorous physical activity classes, subtle-body meditations, yoga, and more, Wanderlust really provides an experience for all types of wellness.

Wake up and dance. – Day Breaker

Day Breaker is an early morning dance party produced in 25 cities around the world. Inspiring self-expression, community, mindfulness, and a touch of mischief, the experience is designed to release dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins (a.k.a the brain’s happy chemicals) through sober dancing.

Celebrate life, embrace mystery, and reconnect to the wonder of the human experience. – Showga

Fusion events are popping up left and right, merging business with pleasure through the lens of self-improvement. Week-long silent meditations, live concerts with yoga fusion experiences, and millennial entrepreneur meet-ups are all of the rage. Although self-improvement is individualistic in nature, communities, events, and social interactions prove to be a catalyst for growth.

Oakland Museum of California is hosting a wellness fusion event on July 25, 2019, in line with their Queer California: Untold Stories exhibition. Tickets include Showga, a live music and yoga session, exclusive access to OMCA’s Queer California: Untold Stories exhibition, a live oracle performance with AstroSagas, a first-generation Latinx astrologer, delicious mochi donuts from Third Culture Bakery, bites by Aburaya, and kombucha from GTS Living Foods.

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