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It’s Easy to Reduce Trash at Home!

We all want to live greener lives and slow down the damage we are doing to the planet but, we usually find our trash bins full at the end of the week. All of that garbage ends up in landfill, our lakes, rivers and oceans, or just dumped into nature.

The most important part of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is reduce! You can slow garbage creation by changing your habits and by making sustainability-focused purchases, none of which will break the bank. 

Here, we are focusing on easy, inexpensive, and productive ways to slow or stop garbage creation.

Not every trash can needs a plastic bag. Bathroom bins, kids rooms, or the garage may not need a liner. Just wash the can every 2 weeks and you’re all good. If you need to, you can still line the kitchen trash, but most wet waste is compostable anyway.

Avoid putting produce in plastic bags. Bananas, apples, carrots, peppers, all these things can sit in your cart or basket just fine. If the produce is wet, just shake it off before putting it in your cart. For small items like mushrooms, see if the store has small paper bags to use.

Use real plates and cups instead of paper and plastic. Some people hate dishes and only use disposable dining products. That is a ton of garbage every day. Just wash your dishes!

Enough with the plastic bottles. Reusable water bottles will save you cash and trash. Many workplaces have a water refill method, and at home you can use a filtered pitcher if you don’t like the taste of your tap water.

Get a refillable spray bottle and research how to make cleaning products from simple things like vinegar and baking soda. This will reduce trash and also reduce dangerous chemicals around the house.

Switch to a reusable/refillable razor for shaving. Disposable cartridges create so much garbage. Plus, you will likely find you get a closer shave. A win-win!

Stand your ground against junk mail! Take the few minutes to reply back (via phone or email) to companies that mail you garbage. Ask to get off their mailing lists to stop catalogs, flyers, coupons (you can find these online), and other junk papers from hitting your mailbox.

Get some house plants instead of using air fresheners. This, coupled with opening the windows every day will help keep the air in your home clean.

We love hearing your ideas for reducing trash. Tell us your thoughts, tips, and habits in the comments!

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